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Pink Castle



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Bookings of 2024

**Weekends (friday&saturday) are 2 night minimum

**Weekdays (Sunday-Thursday) single night minimum. 

Weekends book FAST for on season pool time.


Reservations from booking dates October-April discount used 10% coupon code for one or more days: winterflamingo


May 17-19

June 7-9, 14-16, 23, 30

July 5-7,14, 21, 28

Aug 4, 11, 18, 25, 30 - 31



3pm check in, 10am check out

Occupancy 16 sleeping (according to City requirements).

Day passes for more guests more than 14 are available. At time of booking a head count is not necessary. We will follow up with a head count closer to time.

Location: Hudson, WI. right on the boarder of MN.  15 min from St. Paul/ Minnesota.

One day, weekdays only; MondayThursday.

12 people allowed-extra is a $100 per person additional charge.

3pm check in- early checkin: $100 per earlier if needed.

 Two days++, 16 people are allowed. Any additional person is a $100 charge (day pass only). Early relax by the pool check in at 12pm while house is being cleaned.

Better deal on a two +plus day rental! -this is what most groups do-

Hourly Rental: $150 per hour (lower level: kitchen, living room, bathroom). 2 hour minimum Great for family get togethers, company gatherings, holiday parties, birthdays...

add on hottub: $50. Hourly not available during "on season" weekends of the months May 15-Oct 15. Must contact us to book. 

Photoshoot rental: $100++ per hour. Every shoot is different. Contact us.


About the Castle...

A gorgeous victorian mansion built in 1883, filled to the brim with over the top lavish glamour and lots and lots of PINK.

The 4,400 square foot home includes a workout room, WiFi, full kitchen, living room, entertaining room, cabin style attic and 3 very unique spacious bed rooms with an upper cabin feel attic which can hold 3 beds in each wing! 

In the QUEEN bed room there is a Jacuzzi and toilet in the room, as well as a master bathroom which has two sinks and a shower.

While the PINK PRINCESS room has a working shower and toilet, and the third room has a sink and toilet as well! A very unique feature to a one of a kind home that back in the day was a bed and breakfast.

The BLACK room it’s own personal bathroom with sink and toilet. It’s unique bedroom look is one of our favorites! With some of the best views overlooking the pool and the front of the Castle.

In the Mansion, there is also an attic that is being built into log style cabin. A man’s retreat in a total princess heaven! We can add up to 4 beds up there, naturally comes with 3 beds! It also has 2 comfy electric lay down sofas that would hold 4 people. All four people would have the option to relax the sofa to their setting of choice.

The Pink Castle, as it’s been lovingly named by the community, has been featured in many newspapers, local news stations, and even making it’s way to print for a prestigious magazine. It is well known on all platforms of social media.

Staying here is a once in a lifetime experience as each room has it’s own glorious theme.

From the MERMAID themed living room filled giant sea shells, custom nautical artwork, glamorous victorian furniture revamped by hand to be even more extravagant.

To the “Victoria Secret Room” entertaining room with gorgeous black and pink decor fit for a queen — yes, there is a giant throne!

And speaking of thrones, wait until you see the dining room! A large beautiful table surrounded by giant golden thrones. You will feel like you are eating dinner in a fairy tale. (Circle table, 4 thrones)

Kitchen is stocked with everything you can ask for! Coffee- it’s well stocked.

The 3rd floor is our newest update. Up in the "Cabin up North" aka our 3rd floor there is: Bathroom- shower and toilette, Mini Kitchen, Big 64 inch screen TV, Couch set, bar wrap around, and can add up to 4 beds.

Now I’m sure your wondering about our HUGE pool! Our pool is heated! It has a deep end, a shallow end, and a sun bathing deck- which is around 2 feet deep. When you feel like an Olympian you can use the diving board to show off your skills. Pool is open from May 15th- Oct 15th.

The Hot tub “seats 6” but will hold more. Temp can we adjusted to your likings. One of the best massages comes in this hot tub once you sit in the massage seat within the tub. Relax while gazing at the stars, jet massage, having a cold adult beverage, this is where it’s at! Hot tub is used year round. 

Also we can’t stop there... speaking of relaxing with adult beverages. The Coochy Cabana Pool house is where you can set up your bar while chilling pool side. Equipped with a lounging sofa, a bar area, a surf board for an outside bar table, and bar stools and TV.
Hiring a bartender to tend you drinks is available on ala carte.

The entire home is fit for royalty, you will see for yourself.